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Does this look like fun? Check out our accomodations.


To make our island a real paradise for your vacation, here some features to fulfill all of your needs.

Dog Friendly

Your beloved furry friends are more than welcomed to come with you. A large natural beach on the secondary island is meant for them, to take a bath on hot summer days.

Family Friendly

Lots of fun and adventure through nature for your beloved children, with shallow and waveless waters,for a safe and fun summer bath.

Sanitary Facilities

There are two Bathroom locations on site, both with showers, hot water and electrical outlets. Washing stations for dishes and Coin operated washing machine are also on site.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi in the reception and Bar area. We will provide high speed WiFi on the whole island starting from 2022.


All of the best italian breakfasts and drinks, cold beer on tap ,of course followed by some appetizers classics and some good musics. Everything you’d need for your holiday coziness.


Here you can find all of the goods and necessities you would need for your stay, without need of exiting from the island.

Washer & Dryer

In case you would need to clean your loundry, there is a coin-activated washing machine on site.

Private Island

Live a wild experience by visiting our two islands inside the beautiful and life-thriving Lagoon of Grado. A blend of nature and comfort reachable by land and sea.

Free Parking on Premises*

There is a wide parking-lot right by the entrance of the private island for guests use, with a space of up to 60 cars.

Amazing Views

From the stunning naturalistic sightseeings such as the flamingo storno; to the amazing light reflections of the lagoon: there will be a whole different sunset every evening for you to see. On good days, both the apls and the beautiful city of Trieste can be spotted from our island.

Does this look like fun? Check out our accomodations.


ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE 1. On arrival it is the guest's duty to declare all the people present, hand over the relevant documents to the staff and fill in all parts of the notification forms. He/she will then be able to collect the document. 2. Each guest will receive a personal card, which will serve as an identification pass during their stay. It is used to prove your legitimate presence in the campground and must be presented whenever requested. 3. Any change during the stay must be immediately reported to the reception, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. 4. The management has the right to refuse hospitality to undesirable persons and at its sole discretion may remove from the campsite all guests who do not comply with these rules or who otherwise cause disturbance or annoyance to other campers. 5. The place will be assigned according to availability. Any change can be made only with the consent of the management. 6. The guest must camp with his living unit and park the car in the pitch assigned and marked with the relevant number. 7. Arriving and departing guests are kindly requested to inform the concierge about the connection and disconnection of electricity. There is only one socket per unit. Campers are reminded that the cable must be grounded as required by law. Please ask at the reception for an additional socket. 8. Bungalows and mobile homes may be occupied after 4 p.m. on the declared day of arrival. 9. The pitch must be vacated by 12.00 noon, the bungalow and mobile home by 10.00 am on the declared day of departure. GENERAL RULES 1. The camper will not be able to invoke ignorance of the rules in case of dispute with the management, as after his registration, these rules will be delivered and must be requested and therefore will be considered read and known. 2. To ensure the tranquility of guests, the regulation provides for strict compliance with the hours of silence from 24.00 to 7.00. In the time after lunch, "siesta", it is requested to moderate the noise pollution, as usual. Exceptions are made for emergencies, such as first aid, accidents, police intervention. The management reserves the right to change the timetable, which will be displayed on the notice board. 3. Any damage or breakage to the property of the campsite or other campers due to the carelessness of the customer must be immediately reported to the reception and subsequently compensated. 4. The management is not responsible for theft of any kind that guests may suffer during their stay. 5. The management will not be responsible for damages that may be suffered by campers outside of those caused by our objective responsibility. 6. It is strictly forbidden to light fires on the beach and inside the campsite. 7. The use of the playground, swimming pool and beach is allowed for children only if accompanied by adults. The management will not respond in any case for any injury or damage caused or suffered. 8. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult for the use of the toilet and showers. 9. Campers are asked to leave the toilets, showers, and sinks clean after use. 10. We kindly ask our guests to report any breakages or damage to the facilities so that they can be repaired as soon as possible. 11. We ask our guests not to put nails in the plants and to respect the nature that surrounds us. 12. In case of infectious diseases guests must immediately inform the management. A rapid intervention will be organized here. 13. Any participation, both active and passive activities organized within the camp will be at the risk of the participant. It is also understood that the participants are of sound physical constitution. 14. Laundry lines etc. must be laid at least 2 meters from the ground. Customers are responsible for any damage caused to property or persons. PAYMENT 1. The payment of the bill can be made on the day of arrival or at the latest the day before departure, strictly observing the cash desk hours that are displayed at the reception. 2. No deductions or refunds will be made if the guest leaves the campsite before the booked period. 3. The renouncement of the booked accommodation unit will not entitle the guest to a refund of the deposit already paid. 4. Daily visits are allowed for a fee. Visitors must hand in their personal ID at the entrance and collect their pass; at the exit they must hand in their pass and collect their ID. Parking in the campground is free of charge for a maximum of one hour, after which a fee will be charged. Visitors must leave the campground by midnight. Full-day and half-day rates apply. (See price list). 5. In case of non-payment of the services offered, the direction of the campsite reserves the right to proceed according to 'art 2756 of the C.P.C. CAR 1. The maximum speed allowed for vehicles and bicycles inside the campsite is 10 km/h. Please respect the direction of the roads. 2. Only one car per occupied pitch, mobile home or bungalow is allowed. Additional cars must be parked at the entrance in the designated pay parking lot. 3. It is forbidden to park the car in the streets inside the campsite. The camper must park it in his pitch or where indicated by the management. 4. The management assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to cars not parked as required by regulation. 5. In order to reduce pollution and for common sense, we kindly ask our guests to use their cars inside the campground only for necessary trips. 6. To avoid unnecessary waste, it is strictly forbidden to use the taps of running water to wash the cars. BOATS 1. Docking is reserved only for guests of the campsite. It is compulsory to report the possession of the boat on arrival. 2. The campers who own any kind of boat are obliged by law to keep them in the mooring area and not on the pitches of the campsite, near the bungalows or mobile homes. 3. The management does not assume any responsibility for damage or theft suffered by the boats during the mooring or during the parking in the port. 4. Owners of sailboats, motorboats, dinghies, windsurfs and pedalos must comply with the regulations of the Italian maritime authorities. Please note that the penalties are not only pecuniary but also criminal. DOGS 1. Dogs are tolerated provided they have a valid vaccination certificate. They must be muzzled if undisciplined, and always kept on a leash. 2. They must not cause disturbance and must always be kept under the supervision of their owner. 3. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by animals on people and things. 4. The animals must be cleaned immediately by the owner, or they must be accompanied for their needs outside the camp-site. 5. It is forbidden to bring dogs and animals on the main beach. The beach on the secondary Island is reserved for them.

Cozy little camp site near Grado.
Ulrich K.
We were treated like royalty. Highly recommended!
Peter B.